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I'mKeven Doe

Developer and Startup entrepreneur

I am Keven Doe. Web scholar. Introvert. Explorer. Hardcore thinker. Devoted social media fan. Wannabe reader.

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My Experience

Apple Inc.


Art & Creative director

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Facebook Inc.


Web designer & developer

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IBM Inc.


Mid-level designer

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My Latest Projects

Conversational Design - EBBOK

How do we make digital systems feel less robotic and more real? Whether you work with interface or visual design, front-end technology, or content design, learn why conversation is the best model for creating device-independent, human-centered systems. Research and information design expert Erika Hall explains what makes an interaction truly conversational and how to get more comfortable using language in design. From understanding the human interface, to effectively using the power of personality, to getting it all done, you’ll find out how the art of communication can elevate technology.
Conversational Design
This book cuts through the fluff and buzzwords to get straight to the point. Take Erika’s succinct lessons to heart and you’ll be a better designer, writer, and technologist.
Daniel BurkaDirector of Design at Resolve to Save Lives
Building trust through conversational interfaces is likely one of the most important skills today’s digital specialists can have. Success depends on laser-focused, audience-facing word choice, and expert Erika Hall shows you how it’s done. Conversational Design is an absolute must-read for designers, developers, and content strategists alike.
Kristina HalvorsonAuthor of Content Strategy for the Web and CEO of Brain Traffic
If you create digital products, Erika has a lot to teach you about integrating content, structure, and tone into a single, compelling experience. Good aesthetics may attract our attention, but it’s great conversation that makes us fall in love!
Kim Goodwin, Author of Designing for the Digital Age
Erika Hall has been working in web design and development since the late 20th century. In 2001, she co-founded Mule Design Studio where she leads the strategy consulting practice. Her enthusiasm for evidence-based decision-making led her to write Just Enough Research. She speaks frequently to international audiences on topics ranging from collaboration and design research to effective interface language. Her current talks explore the limits of using quantitative data to make design decisions.

Expressive Design Systems: TUTOR

Good design systems can help you create digital products with efficiency and consistency. But great design systems will support and strengthen your team’s creativity at the same time. In Expressive Design Systems, Yesenia Perez-Cruz shows you how to build useful, dependable systems that not only maintain harmony across your products, but also flex to accommodate inspiration and experimentation. Learn to communicate your brand, collaborate across teams—and do so much more than standardize components.
  • Purpose and Principles
  • The Process Behind the System
  • Communicating Your Brand
  • Making Room for Variation
  • Managing Design Systems
Learn everything you need to get up and running with design systems in our complete guide with design system examples. Or view our free course on design systems.
Throughout her career, Yesenia Perez-Cruz has helped countless teams plan, design, and integrate truly impressive—and expressive—design systems into their products. It’s no surprise that her book is a delightfully comprehensive guide, helping ensure you and your team can do the same.
Ethan Marcotte, Author of Responsive Web Design
This a must-read for anyone starting a design system or already working on an established system. From principles to process, this book will strengthen the ways in which teams build products, resulting in harmonious, branded experiences that users love.
Alex Skougarevskaya, Design system manager at Atlassian
I found myself instinctively nodding my head as I read through Expressive Design Systems. Yesenia Perez-Cruz has unlocked new ways of thinking about systems that have resonated deeply with me. Don’t be mistaken; this book is not just theory. It is loaded with practical examples and best practices that will help guide your team toward a cohesive system.
Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain, Principal designer at Shopify
Yesenia Perez-Cruz is a design leader, public speaker, and writer based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Throughout her career, she’s helped countless teams strategize, design, and implement their brand identity and design systems. Currently, she leads a cross-functional team on the Polaris design system team at Shopify. Previously, as Senior Director of Product Design at Vox Media, she led the design system for Vox Media properties, including The Verge, Vox, and Eater.
Yesenia has been a featured speaker at conferences around the world like An Event Apart, Design Matters, and SXSW Interactive on topics like web performance, responsive design, and design systems.

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